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Maplebear Inc. Gears Up for NASDAQ Debut

Get ready, stock market enthusiasts! Maplebear Inc. is about to step into the spotlight. This major player in the digital grocery world is set to start trading on the NASDAQ exchange on September 19, 2023.

IPO At A Glance

  • Trading Date: September 19, 2023
  • Where to Find It: NASDAQ
  • Ticker Details: They’ll be trading under the symbol CART.

What to Expect in Terms of Pricing

  • Share Price: The company’s shares are expected to be priced somewhere between $26.00 and $28.00.
  • Insider Info: There’s a 180-day lock-up period for insiders, which will wrap up on March 17, 2024.

Getting to Know Maplebear Inc.

  • Who Are They? You might recognize Maplebear Inc. by its popular name, Instacart. They’re making waves by using tech to redefine how we think about grocery shopping.
  • Collaborations: They’re not going it alone. Maplebear Inc. has teamed up with several retailers, guiding them through the digital side of business.

Stay in the Loop

For those who always want the latest on IPOs, check out the IPO Calendar. It’s a handy tool to keep you updated.

Wrapping It Up

All eyes are on Maplebear Inc. as they prepare to make their big NASDAQ debut. It’s always exciting to see how major companies like this will fare when they go public. Given their innovative approach to grocery shopping and their strong retailer partnerships, Maplebear Inc. is definitely one to watch.

Prashant Pratap Chauhan Author

Prashant Chauhan

Author @ Finance Ruffle

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Maplebear Inc.’s NASDAQ Debut